5 Ways to Address Cybercrime in the Board Room

Cybercrime is on the rise and threatens the safety of major corporations on a growing basis. Unfortunately, it has taken some headline news stories of businesses being severely attacked to get the attention of board members in charge of high-profile companies. Is your Board of Directors paying heed to … [Read more...]

5-Point Checklist for Effective Communication Network Design

As a communication network specialist for the U.S. Military, I follow a strict 5-point checklist when creating solutions for them. This systematic process for assessing and creating military-grade communication networks is the result of years of systems engineering work in which I learned the power of … [Read more...]

3 Hi-Tech Leadership Lessons from Baseball

When Terry Francona, "Tito", came into the role as Red Sox manager, the honeymoon was sweet as candy.  A team that had gone 86 years without a championship gelled in a fun, exciting way that culminated with (sorry Yankee fans) the greatest comeback in the history of American sports.  Tito got the most … [Read more...]

9 Ways to Get Your Startup Heading in the Right Direction

In part one of this two part series, I outlined nine signs that your startup is headed in the wrong direction. Here I look at nine ways to improve your chances of success by identifying a problem worth solving, building the right team to solve the problem, and creating a sustainable business around those … [Read more...]

9 Signs Your Startup is Heading in the Wrong Direction

Starting a new company is fun. There are endless brainstorming sessions with your smart, creative co-founders where you shape and reshape a market in your image. You’re on the top of the world because you are convinced that your team is more visionary and creative than any of the existing competition, … [Read more...]

“Big Data” Basics for Executives

First, let me begin by saying there are many things you should know about Big Data, but to start, I’m going to outline the basics. Here’s why… A Lewis & Clark Comparison The term “Big Data” does a poor job of describing the digital expanse involved. IDC describes it as the digital … [Read more...]

Why Your Company Needs a Marketing Innovation Strategy

Advances in marketing at both the theoretical and practical level are occurring at an increasingly accelerated rate and they are occurring concurrently. People frequently point to the growth and penetration of Facebook as the proof point. But the problem is much deeper than a new potential communication … [Read more...]

Use a ‘Test and Learn’ Mentality to Drive Marketing Innovation

Marketing Innovation

Direct marketers are familiar with the test and learn concept. One of the most frequent techniques is to do an A/B test, where a target group may be divided into two, an A section and a B section. One group will get one type of creative and the other group is the control group using existing best … [Read more...]

Why Marketing Needs a TQM Movement

TQM Movement

Some might remember the Total Quality Management (TQM) movement. It was a look at manufacturing processes as a way to improve quality and customer satisfaction. Related techniques such as Six Sigma, Statistical Process Control (SPC), Total Quality Control (TQC), Kaizen and Continuous Improvement were … [Read more...]

Marketing Innovation Defined

Marketing Innovation

Understanding the proper definition of marketing innovation is key if you want to maintain competitive advantage and/or maximize shareholder value. On the one hand you might miss legitimate opportunities to “change the game” but on the other you might be wasting money on new technologies that … [Read more...]